Indian Youth Congress (IYC) activists staged a protest outside the residence of Union Minister Mrs Smriti Irani on Saturday against rising prices of diesel, petrol & cooking gas, & demanded that the government roll back the hike with immediate effect.

Minister Smriti Irani, when in the opposition, would take to the streets even if prices of diesel and petrol rose by 5 Rs per litre, but today she is “completely silent” as the country faces an “all-round inflation”, said IYC president Srinivas B V.

“Today, the Youth Congress has tried to awaken her from sleep. Petrol price has crossed 100 Rs a litre, diesel has crossed 90 Rs in many parts of the country, and the price of cooking gas cylinders are increasing day by day,” he said.

“What is shameful is that despite this kind of open loot, theĀ  Modi government” is trying to shift the blame, he added.

He said Petroleum Minister Mr Pradhan’s statement that fuel prices will go down once the winter ends was “stupid” & demanded his resignation.

Leader asked the central government to reduce the prices of petrol, diesel and gas with immediate effect.

“People of the country had chosen PM Modi and his ministers on the promise of ‘aache din’, now the trust of PM Modi and his government has been broken. Farmers, youth, labourers, businessmen, women are badly suffering from inflation. The anti-people and anti-national face of RSS and BJP has come out,” he alleged.

IYC National General Secretary Bhaiya Pawar and its Delhi co-incharge Khushboo Sharma also participated in the protest.


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