The difficulties is not getting stop of the laborers reaching their villages after traveling jobs in the middle of lockdown, hundreds of kilometers away from cities. A heartbreaking case has come out of Sitamarhi in Bihar. A man who returned to his village Madhol from Maharashtra was beaten to death by two men. The man who was beaten to death returned to the village with his family in the midst of the Corona crisis.

It is being told that the person who returned to the village with the family had given information about his return to the village at the Corona Support Center, so that he and his family could be investigated and no other people of the village face any danger from him. According to reports, the two men who murdered this person were angry about why they reported the return to the village to the Corona Support Center.

After the murder in the village of Madhol, everyone is surprised that how can anyone do this. Police reached the spot after the information of the murder. Police is investigating the entire case by registering a case. Currently, police have arrested 7 people on charges of murder. The investigation of the entire case is going on.

The war against the Corona virus continues in Bihar amid lockdown. The Health Department is constantly engaged in the prevention of this deadly disease. So far, 15 cases of corona virus have been reported in the state and one person has died. There are 14 people hospitalized, who continue to be treated in the hospital.


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