On Tuesday Sean Hannity once again started trying to fan the old accusatory flames that President Joe Biden has dementia & Vice President Harris is standing by, just chomping at the bit to take over, by claiming Biden’s administration is hard at work trying to conceal Biden’s cognitive decline.

We learned Sean Hannity was using this tired old story again from a Donald Trump supporter I was debating, until he became so frustrated that he was losing, he just blurted it out. It caught me off-guard because I had not heard this in a while, but there was a time when this was the pat answer conservative media had taught Trump & his Trumpeters to say in response to just about any criticism.

This used to infuriate us because anyone who has watched President joe Biden interact with others at all knows it’s false, unless they have only seen quick clips of him stumbling over a word on conservative media, created by taking advantage of the fact that Biden still has a bit of a stutter, even though he overcame severe stuttering as a child – not an easy feat.

We have been blessed by many people in our life who suffered or have suffered from all sorts of mental handicaps or disabilities, big & small, and stood up to many bullies on their behalves.

But at some point, we came to understand that these unfounded attacks on Joe Biden are more of a defense mechanism than anything else. Biden is mentally strong; Biden is smart; Joe Biden has a quick wit. Even though Joe Biden is plain-spoken, he is not afraid to tackle complex issues that many in conservative media either don’t understand themselves, or won’t take the time to understand (or know their audience won’t), on top of the fact that they are often on the wrong side of the most important issues facing us today, so they bash, fear-monger, and incite hate.

Even Joe Biden’s jokes often go over the heads of those in conservative media: I’ve watched it happen, and have even been embarrassed for them. Conservative media and the GOP (the party of the truly handicapped) have now become the biggest jokes, so just in case you’re guilty as charged, I won’t bully you any longer.


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