On September 30, when the country’s media was outraged over the police-administration’s actions regarding the Hathras incident, the leaders of various opposition parties were calling it shameful, then the administration secretly paid Rs 25 lakh after the Chief Minister for video conferencing. Along with the assurance of the check, a ‘typed’ paper was signed with the father of the Dalit girl killed in Hathras, with the lines written above. Families have been given strict instructions not to show the letter to the media.

Why were the facts hidden?

Indeed, the whole incident of Hathras itself has started with the concealment of facts and progressed progressively. President of Uttar Pradesh Kisan Congress, Dr. Anil Chaudhary (who belongs to Hathras himself) says that if the administration and administration had not done such actions to suppress the matter and would have handled the whole matter honestly then the state Such anger does not arise in public.

FIR of ‘insight fight’

In fact, after the incident on 14 September with a Dalit woman, the FIR of the entire case was recorded as a ‘Ranjitan fight’ at Thana Chandpa. After this effort of negligence, when the family members and relatives started making noise, Hathras District Congress jumped in the whole matter. Congress district president Chandragupta Vikramaditya states that on the eighth day after the Congress protests and local media reports, the case was converted into willful murder (Section 307 of IPC).

On 25 September, doctors at Aligarh Hospital (where the victim was admitted) told the Aligarh media that they had asked the police to take the injured to Delhi but they were not taking him. On 26 September, this news appeared in some newspapers and the Congress made a noise, then on the morning of 27 she was sent to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi where she died on the morning of 29 September.

With the help of the Hathras administration, the police is trying to persuade the relatives and relatives of the Dalit girl on a large scale that they should not interact with the workers of any political party. The SIT team is investigating the case. When Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi tried to go to the victim’s village, they were returned on the way.

In an attempt to enter the village, Samajwadi Party workers have been arrested and Congress workers from Hathras have been beaten with sticks. The surrounding streets of the Dalit girl’s house are sealed from all sides and the media is chased away two hundred meters away.

What about the slogan of ‘Operation Durachari’?

The ashes of a Dalit woman’s body in the Hathras rape case have not yet cooled down that the incident of murder of another woman has come to light after rape and brutal beating in UP’s Balrampur. Meanwhile, there has been a rape incident in Bulandshahr of the state. All this is happening when a week ago, the Chief Minister had beaten the slogan of ‘Operation Durachari’ to stop the misconduct on women.

The incident with a 22-year-old Dalit woman in Balrampur is no less gruesome and cruel than Hathras. After raping the woman unconscious with an injection, she broke both her legs and sent her to a house sitting in a rickshaw. He succumbed before the family brought him to the hospital. Similarly, under the Kankar police station area of ​​Bulandshahar, there has been news of rape of a minor girl by a villain of a village.


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