WPI inflation in the country rose to 1.48 percent for the third consecutive month in October. The wholesale inflation was recorded at 1.32 percent in September. Let us know that the latest official figures of wholesale inflation have been released on Monday.

The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) -based wholesale inflation, released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, stood at 1.48 per cent in October last month, while manufacturing items in its components increased by 2.12 per cent, compared to 1.61 per cent in September.

Whereas in October last year, the manufacturing sector’s inflation rate (negative) was recorded at 0.93 percent.

22.62 percent weightage in the wholesale price index is for primary sector goods, which registered a growth of 4.74 percent in inflation during October, while inflation was 5.10 percent in September and 6.05 percent in October last year.

Food inflation rose by 6.37 percent in October. Earlier, wholesale inflation for food items was recorded at 8.17 percent in September and 9.80 percent in October last year.

Potato prices registered an increase of 107.70 per cent during October, which was 107.63 per cent in September. At the same time, onion prices increased by 8.49 percent in October, while in September (negative), it was 31.64 percent. Similarly, the prices of pulses increased by 15.93 per cent in October, compared to 12.53 per cent in September.


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