On May 19, the Health Ministry did not hold a press conference on covid-19. The last took place on 11 May. Since then the regular press conference is closed. In the evening comes the press release which is printed. On a day when the number of covid-19 exceeded one lakh, the Health Ministry officials did not appear before the press. Has the government considered the information related to this epidemic meaningless? Government may agree but have people also accepted? Is the government indicating that we will not hold a press conference whatever you want to say. Will not answer questions

The format of the press conference has also changed. Initially there was a press conference in the Ministry of Health. Doordarshan, All India Radio and ANI were then allowed. Lived from ANI. After that the press conference started at the National Media Center. There used to be journalists here, but only two or four questions could be asked.

Representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, ICMR, Ministry of External Affairs were also present in this press conference. After that two people started coming. The ICMR representative stopped coming. Now only Joint Secretary of Ministry of Health and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs come. They too have not arrived since 11 May.

Initially, ICMR scientists were Gangakhedkar. Health Ministry official Luv Aggarwal has often heard saying that Gangakhedkar will answer technical matters. Gangakhedkar has not come to the press conference for nearly 20 days. Are technical questions over? The scientific world is also silent. He too does not have the courage to raise his voice. No one is asking where Gangakhedkar is.

Not only this, 11 Empowered Group was formed on 29 March to fight this epidemic. So far on only 7 occasions, the chairman of Empowered Group has addressed the press. 4 Empowered Group has not held a press conference at all. Not only this, there was a press conference on the first 7 days. Now it has been reduced to 4 days. There are no press conferences on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Now even the press conference is not being held from May 11. Is closed

In March, the government had asked the Supreme Court to instruct the media to publish only government information in the case of Kovid-19. The government has expressed its opinion about the media. The Supreme Court refused. Now the government has closed the press conference. It has been 8 days since the press came out. From May 10, only the graph of epidemics in the states was removed from the website of the Ministry of Health.

The press conference is an important role in the fight with Kovid-19 around the world. Transparency of information has done wonders. Therefore, in the press conference to be held on covid-19, the Prime Minister, besides the Health Minister, were the top scientists or health officials of the country. His words are printed seriously. They often express different opinions from their Prime Minister or President. In the US, Trump may criticize Antony Fauchi, but Fauchi also trumps Trump. In many countries such as Sweden, New Zealand, Taiwan, press conferences are the top experts of epidemics and infections.

As usual, questions arose in India as to why Prime Minister Modi is not holding a press conference, but in response it seems that the regular press conference has been closed. Your life is at stake. If someone is going for a job, then someone’s life. If this attitude about information, such negligence and mystery is being approved, then the public has decided something else.

The rules of testing from sample is changing every day. There is no discussion or debate anywhere. You cannot argue about a press release. It is telling how much the audience and readers have been left with the information. What has left them in the eyes of power is that the government throws a piece of press release on its face.


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