While cases of corona infection have reached about 1800 in New Zealand, 22 thousand in South Korea, there have been 54 lakh in India. By the way, there have been 70 lakh cases in the US and 4.5 million cases in Brazil too. Even the China from which the infection spread first, there have been only 85 thousand cases. Why is it that the Corona became uncontrolled in India, America and Brazil? In this case, cases of infection every day are now 30-40 thousand in the US and 15-30 thousand in Brazil, while in India it is approaching 90 thousand. Which means Corona is the most uncontrolled in India?

While there has been no survey or report on the failure of corona control, it can be judged by the way in which individual countries adopted corona control methods and the attitude of leadership towards it. New Zealand and South Korea are excellent examples of the two countries that have done excellent work in this matter. The leadership and steps taken by New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern and South Korean President Moon Jae-in were praised worldwide. But most of the time in the world, questions have been raised about the leadership of America, India and Brazil in the case of corona infection.

The United States, India and Brazil are right-wing governments in all three countries. All three countries have failed to control Corona. The attitude of the leaders of the three countries has also been strange towards this. US President Donald Trump constantly underestimated the Corona infection and his unscientific attitude also came to light. He had at one time called it a common flu. He was reluctant to wear a mask and lockdown. The attitude of the President of Brazil was also similar. He also denied the lockdown, described the corona as a minor illness, went among supporters without a mask, and also infected the corona itself.

However, like the heads of America and Brazil, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi neither considered it a common disease nor did he refuse to wear masks. He also did not take care in lockdown. Rather, the strictest and longest lockdown in the world was imposed in India. But still there were many lapses. Before the lockdown was imposed, efforts were made to form a BJP government in Madhya Pradesh and a ‘Namaste Trump’ program took place, even when the risk of infection continued to increase. Then it seemed as if the government was not serious about Corona!

Corona was not controlled only when it was missed. After the lockdown was announced, Prime Minister Modi also said, ‘The war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days. Today it is going to take 21 days in the war against Corona which the whole country is fighting. ‘ If the corona is not controlled in 21 days, is it not a mistake? Prime Minister Modi’s campaign to clap the bells and light a candle, lamp, flashlight or mobile flashlight during the Corona transition was also criticized.

Prime Minister Modi’s most trusted person and the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah had believed that there must have been a mistake in fighting the fight against the corona virus. Shah had said in an interview on June 9 that ‘there must be something wrong with us, we may have fallen short’. However, he claimed that his loyalty was correct.


Preparation is the most important thing to deal with any disaster. But in the case of corona infection, this is not seen in India. In India, when the first case of corona infection came on 30 January, then there should have been a tremendous preparation for investigation, treatment etc. of corona. A case of corona infection occurred in South Korea just days before India. The very next day, the government officials met representatives of several medical companies there, promising to give emergency clearance and urged them to start making Corona virus test kits immediately. When the number of positive cases in the country had not reached double digits within two weeks, it had prepared thousands of test kits. But nothing like this happened in India. Shortly before the lockdown was announced, medical devices were being exported from India. The testing facility was not developed at all.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has been saying that the corona infection cannot be controlled by lockdown and it has been shown worldwide. The lockdown was seen as a way to reduce the speed at which coronas could spread so that preparations could be made to deal with the infection. Such as help to increase testing facilities and strengthen other health systems. But did it happen in India? In May, a report in ‘Caravan’ magazine claimed that two scientific members of the National Task Force formed by the Modi government had said that the lockdown had failed. He said that the Indian government did this thrice that the lockdown was increased without seeking input from scientists of the National Task Force. His gesture was clear that unless lockdown would be accompanied by significant measures like testing capacity and development of medical infrastructure, the lockdown would fail.


There have often been reports that countries that have adopted a way of testing, tracing, isolating, controlled the corona in a much better way. But is this so in the context of India? Questions have been raised about testing ever since the transition started spreading rapidly in March. There were frequent complaints that the test was not being done despite the symptoms of corona. The rule then was that anyone who came from abroad or came directly in contact with the corona infected person was being investigated only. However, this ban was lifted much later.

Healthcare system

This virus is another major cause of deterioration in India. India’s poor health system. Only a strong health system can handle the spread of infection well. The health system in rural areas in India is so extreme that there are not only safety devices, ventilators, ICUs, beds are also inadequate. Even district hospitals do not have this system. Getting treatment in private hospitals is so expensive that even if a poor person sees symptoms of corona, he rarely goes for treatment.

Now when it comes to eight months after the first case of corona infection in India, the control of corona in India seems to be spreading far and wide. Nearly 90 thousand new cases of corona infection are occurring in India every day. The number of corona infections in India has increased to more than 54 and so far a total of 87,882 people have died. There are more than 1000 deaths every day. In such a situation, questions will arise that why is the corona uncontrolled in India? Who is to be held responsible?


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