There is a dispute on the India-China border. The armies of both the countries are standing face to face, on the other side, the ruling party and the opposition are wielding shayari on each other. And among all this, poor Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib is trapped.

In fact, on Monday, Rahul Gandhi targeted the government over the India-China dispute and said that it is a good idea to keep the heart happy.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that… ..

Everyone knows the reality of ‘Border’ but

To keep the heart happy, ‘Shah-Yad’ is a good idea

This tweet by Rahul Gandhi came after Amit Shah’s statement in which Amit Shah had reiterated the acceptance of India’s defense policy at the global level and how after America and Israel, if any country wants to protect its border If it holds strength, then it is India.

The Poetry’s parody which  Rahul Gandhi had taunted Amit Shah,

We know the reality of heaven but

‘Ghalib’ this idea is good for keeping the heart happy

The line which Rahul Gandhi used is definitely of Mirza Ghalib, but in response to Rahul Gandhi, the shayari that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said is not from Mirza Ghalib but Manzar Lucknowi. Rajnath Singh wrote that, The Shayari of Mirza Ghalib is in a slightly different style. ‘ If there is pain in ‘hand’ then you can do treatment but if your hand itself is a pain then what you will do.

Manjar Lucknowi’s Poetry  

If there is pain in the heart then the medicine
And what if the heart is not there



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