“Q4 analysis by 9:00 am tomorrow in the Board meeting, All the best” I quickly glanced at my wristwatch which noted 8:30 PM, and there goes another Tinder date of mine I said to myself in my head. “Yes sir, I’ll see to it”. As the night grew my colleagues started leaving, the tie on their neck – loose and their condescending smile to me – Wide. I stepped into my minuscule cabin and took off my blazer, and pulled out my laptop which begged to be used on a lap and not on a desk. Pulling it up, my desktop popped up with news feed, this time the headings in block letter screaming to the pseudo patriots. It was about a group of people arguing on something related to our national song ‘Vande Mataram’. What felt surprisingly Ironical is that a song showing humility and respect towards the nation now being portrayed with equal amount of dispassion and denial by those propagating it. It was a matter of few seconds into the post before the hazy picture became clear as to what was the stance of this specific group towards the song and more relatedly ‘Why?’. While admittedly the Young adult in me couldn’t help but wonder whether all that was necessary, it came to me that, the meaning “Mother I bow down to thee” has to be more than this. We are too busy arguing the semantics that no-one really thought about the reason why this was said so, if being hateful to your brethren, segregating nation on the basis of religion and resorting to corruption for basic human rights is done in symmetry with singing ‘Vande Mataram’ then surely the equation must be biased.

We as Indians never stood for this, the debate on the appropriateness of a Poetry and it’s implications on human life never really stood off shouting in the Azad Maidan as the issue in spotlight, in fact it was always the middle class, covered in sweat and rage along with a few brave old souls that stood there fighting for the rights from which they felt deprived of. These citizens of the nation who pay taxes to the best of their efforts were worried about the higher education of their kids, the health benefits that they had to externally fund for and at the end of the day, in a local singing competition of their society – they stand at the end, to sound of ‘Vande Mataram’, without thinking the slightest as to why had this become an innate part of their life. A Nation comprises of people, and the service to the nation flows through the service of its citizens, so I guess it’s about time we reshape our priorities and mean it when our lips utter the word “Vande Mataram”.

The morning sun shone upon my red face and a very mild sound came penetrating the glass windows of our office on the 21st floor. Intrigued my weary self-saw a humble little school on the other side of the building, kids like little dots standing in affirmative formation, to the sound of “Vande Mataram”, unquestionably straight and calm. Turns out, somethings in life are as simple as that.


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