President Elect Joe Biden has announced that he will form the 12-member Corona Virus Task Force on Monday. This is his first step towards fulfilling his biggest election promise. Biden promised that he would take tough steps to deal with the corona virus that has cost billions of dollars and killed millions of people.

The task force will include Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler and Marcella Nunez Smith, Professor of Public Health at Yale University. The task force will also have Ezekiel Emmanuel, a health adviser in the Obama administration.

He also mentioned in his winning speech on Saturday, saying, “I will leave no stone unturned to end this epidemic.”

According to Biden, this task force will transform the plan to fight the corona virus into an action blueprint. After the announcement of the names in this task force, these people will give a briefing to Biden on Monday.

Let us know that more than 98 lakh people have been infected in America so far. At the same time, 2,37,000 people have died. Now there is a sharp boom in new cases coming every day.

Kesar and Murthy have also been active in Biden Campaign

Kiedler and Murthy were quite active in the Biden campaign on the virus. He constantly briefed Biden and helped formulate policies. These people along with high officials also helped in organizing a safe campaign event.

Biden has pledged to increase testing capabilities, fund funding for businesses and reopen schools safely, and distribute the vaccine to everyone for free.


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