US President Joe Biden will sign three executive orders on Tuesday on immigration, including creating a task force to reunify families that were separated at the border by the Trump administration’s policies, and to make sure that the legal immigration system operates fairly and efficiently.

According to the White House, Biden, who will sign the chief orders, believes that “immigrants are essential to who we are as a nation and important to American aspirations for the longer term .”

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The previous Trump administration enacted many policies that run counter to American history and undermine America’s character as a land of opportunity that’s open and welcoming to all or any who come here seeking protection and opportunity, it said.

“This Executive Order will elevate the role of the White House in coordinating the federal government’s strategy to market immigrant integration and inclusion, including re-establishing a Task Force on New Americans, and ensuring that the legal immigration system operates fairly and efficiently,” the White House said.

The order requires agencies to conduct a top-to-bottom review of recent regulations, policies, and guidance that have found out barriers to the legal immigration system.

It will also rescind former president Donald Trump’s memorandum requiring family sponsors to repay the govt if relatives receive public benefits, instruct the agencies to review the general public charge rule and related policies, and streamline the naturalisation process.

Hours after being sworn in because the 46th US President, Biden on January 20 took the primary steps during a broad, whole of state effort to finally reform America’s immigration system, including sending to Congress legislation that makes a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants living in and contributing to the country.

Officials said Biden’s strategy is centered on the essential premise that the US country is safer, stronger, and more prosperous with a good , safe and orderly immigration system that welcomes immigrants, keeps families together, and allows people—both newly arrived immigrants and other people who have lived here for generations—to more fully contribute to the country.

Biden knows that new Americans fuel our economy, as innovators and job creators, working in every American industry, and contributing to our arts, culture, and government,” the White House said.

According to senior administration officials, Biden believes that families belong together.

He has made clear that reversing the Trump administration’s immigration policies that separated thousands of families at the border may be a top priority.

A key a part of this effort is that the creation of a task force to reunite families that remain separated.

“This task force will work across the United States government , with key stakeholders and representatives of impacted families, and with partners across the hemisphere to seek out parents and youngsters separated by the Trump Administration,” said the officials.

The task force will make recommendations to the President and federal agencies regarding steps that they will fancy reunify families.

Further, the task force will report regularly to the President and recommend steps to stop such tragedies from occurring again.

President Biden’s Executive Order also will revoke the Trump administration’s Executive Order that sought to justify separating children from their parents.

The Trump administration oversaw the separation of over 5,500 families — and therefore the parents of quite 600 children still haven’t been located, consistent with US media reports.

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