In America’s 244-year history, there were no president who has refused to leave the White House after losing the election.

The change in power through legal and peaceful method has been the hallmark of American democracy.

Being adamant on not giving up Trump may bring many new challenges, now the experts are considering what steps can be taken if such challenges arise.

‘The election is not over yet’

When the news of Biden’s win came on November 7, Trump was playing golf near Washington.

Shortly after the news came, a statement was issued from his campaign saying, “The election is not over yet”.

“We all know that Joe Biden is in a hurry to misrepresent himself as the winner, why are his media colleagues helping him,” the statement said. They don’t want the truth to come out. “He also accused Biden of fraud.

Joe Biden has won more than 270 electoral college votes, so he has the right to become president. Trump now has very few laws left.

Whatever evidence Trump is alleging, he has not been able to present any evidence related to it. If the court gives them a chance to prove the charges, then only there will be any scope for them. But if this does not happen, on January 20, Biden will take over as the new president.

Can the army be used?

In a TV interview on June 11, Biden was asked what would happen if Trump refused to leave the White House.

In response, Biden said, “I thought about it.”

He said that he is confident that if such a situation arises, the army will ensure that he does not remain president and he will be thrown out of the White House.

It is also being said that in such a situation the help of secret service can be taken because it is their responsibility to provide security to the former presidents.

In view of Biden’s victory projections, Secret Services has already increased his security.

The Dossier Times Political affairs team spoke to some experts and wanted to understand whether it is possible that a president can create an unprecedented situation with the help of his special people in the security forces?

According to Professor Dakota Racedill of Ohio State University in the United States, “It is very difficult for a president to misuse his forces after losing an election and it is inconceivable.”

“If this happens, it will be very bad for the country, for the relationship of the people and the army, for the world and for the people of the country.”

American Election: What if Donald Trump did not give up?

They believe that Trump will not do anything like this. He also pointed out that General Mark Mile, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the largest officer in the US military, has said many times that the military will have no role in elections.

Keisha Bline is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh and knowledgeable about social protests. Speaking to the Dossier Times, she said, “Talking about the role of the army in this case tells us how bad the situation is in our country.”

She says, “Four years ago, Americans didn’t even think about it, but after Trump sent federal agents in Portland and Washington (at the time of the riots), that’s a concern. I don’t think that’s the case.” but the possibility of this cannot be ruled out. ”

Challenges before the new US President?

According to a New York Times report, General Miley had persuaded Trump not to use the 1807 Insurrection Act, under which the military could be used to suppress protests taking place across the country. This is a border that many US Army officials have been talking about not crossing even after the President’s order. ”

After the army’s refusal, Trump took the help of the National Guard.

Non-military troops under the Ministry of Home Affairs were used to stop the protests.

Some people believe that these troops can also be used to deal with the situation arising after the election. But because the army will not support them, the trump will fail to create some kind of unprecedented situation.

Possibility of violence while waiting?

Rudesil says he fears such a situation may arise.

He says, “I’ve written about it before that Trump can try to use an executive order, and ask the Department of Justice, controlled by his political allies, to issue an order that the executive branch is controversial Considered him the winner in the election. ”

But at the same time, he also warns that “It will not be completely wrong and worth ordering.”

“To give orders to the army that after 20 January, that is, even after the term ends, they salute the President, will create a strange situation for them.

“Half the world and many people of the world will start thinking that the non-political army has taken a side.”

According to Keisha Blein, the president’s failure to accept the results can create problems related to law and order.

He says, “The President’s speeches have increased the possibility of protest and violence.”

In the United States in recent days, with the support of Trump and the demonstrations against him, it can be guessed that if people take to the streets, then the situation can worsen.


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