US presidential elections are still in an era of uncertainty. Which is a close fight between Biden and Donald Trump, in such a situation, the name we gave on Quint Hindi, the coverage of the US presidential election ‘Democracy Test’, has proved to be right. We had no idea that this election is going to be so difficult, complicated and thrilling.

Trump has declared his victory and said that counting of votes should be stopped now, because the early votes and postal ballot votes are frauds. If it does not, then we will go to the Supreme Court. At the same time, it has also been said on behalf of Biden that an army of his lawyers will be ready in the Supreme Court.

In Which states election is stuck

Broadly there are now 7 such battle ground states where this election is stuck. Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada are the states that Biden must win to touch 270. At the same time, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina are the states where trumps are ahead at this time, but in many areas, there is still competition for thorns.

Trump ahead, but counting of millions of votes has yet to be done

In terms of statistics, Donald Trump is ahead of 1 lakh votes in Wisconsin. At the same time, till now 7 lakh votes have been counted. Here the result can come at any time. Trump is ahead of 7 lakh votes in Pennsylvania, but there are 18 lakh votes to be counted. In Michigan, it is ahead of 3 lakh votes, but the count of 18 lakh votes remains. North Carolina is ahead by 77 thousand votes, but the count of 3 lakh votes is still remaining.

So if it is counted according to the rules, then the whole schedule will go till November 12-13. At the same time, the election authorities have the legal right to declare the result till December 14.





Not United ‘divided states of America’

Whoever won the US elections, but the kind of fear that they can tell during the election results and after that to remain in trump power, they have told. One thing that has come out is that whether Trump wins or Biden, America has come to us as a divided States of America in the form of United States of America. Imagine if American society is divided by 58, 52, 47, 53, then this situation is exactly the same as if one brother in the house believes the constitution and the law and the other brother does not care about the constitution. America’s biggest tragedy is that by becoming the leader of the model Democratic World, it has become a country on which everyone will laugh and taunt.

Now the Supreme Court’s nominated Chief Justice has just been formed, so obviously the case can be politicized. But showing his impartiality before the Supreme Court, how could anyone give an order to stop this election. The way Trump is trying to stop Biden, these are going towards unconstitutional methods and people in America are worried about this, as well as the whole world should be worried about it.


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