After school, preparations are being made to open colleges and universities. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued guidelines regarding this. It has been decided to open colleges coming out of the Containment Zone, as well as it has been told that they will be opened in different phases. First the classes of undergraduate students of Masters, Research and Final Air will start, after which colleges will be opened for the students of other classes.

According to the UGC guidelines, a fixed number of students will be called to the college. If there are 100 students in any class, then only 50 students can come in a day. Explain that in the guidelines issued by the central government last month, it was told that the state can take the decision to open schools and colleges after October 15. After this, now some states have opened schools, while some states are going to open colleges and universities.

These guidelines for college and university-

All students and teachers will have a thermal screening during their entry into the college, in which it will be seen that no one has fever.

It is suggested to increase the time of classes for students and make a schedule of 6 days a week.

Colleges will be studied in different batches, during this time it is necessary to take care of social distancing, as well as everyone must also wear masks.

Attendance of students in the college will be on oral basis.

The university has been asked to make arrangements for students who want to study online.

Students can start staying in residential hostels, but room sharing is prohibited.

The system of quarantining the students in whom symptoms are found and the isolation of the exposed students will also be ensured.


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