Yoga Teacher Ramdev has said he will take the vaccine against Covid-19 soon in what comes as his attempt to bury the hatchet with the Indian Medical Association. The yoga teacher, who has been at odds with the doctors’ body, also advocated for vaccines & said everyone should get vaccinated, apart from practising yoga & Ayurveda. Ramdev also praised PM Modi’s announcement of a free, centralised Covid-19 vaccination drive which will begin on June 21, which is also the International Yoga Day.

This marks a complete shift from his earlier statement on vaccines where he questioned the efficacy of these vaccines in protecting one from Covid-19 infections as thousands of doctors, he said, contracted the infection after being vaccinated & died. On the contrary, he has the dual cover of yoga & Ayurveda and has not yet taken the jibe, he had said earlier.

So is the fight between Ramdev and the Indian Medical Association a thing of the past now? The yoga guru has recently said his fight is not against ant doctor as they are a “gift to the planet”. His fight is against the drug mafia, which he clarified again on social media as he posted a document comparing the price of generic medicines and the branded medicines and said, “Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadh stores had to be opened because drug mafias have opened fancy shops where they are selling unnecessary medicines at very high prices instead of basic and necessary ones”.

Indian Medical Association on Wednesday approached the Indian Council of Medical Research against Ramdev’s “unprovoked, demeaning and prejudicing utterances against modern medicine”. In its complaint, the association termed Ramdev as a quack. The association already wrote to health minister Harsh Vardhan, PM Modi against his statements. The Delhi high court has also heard the case filed by the Delhi Medical Association against Ramdev and observed that he is entitled to his opinion.

Ramdev V/S Indian Medical Association

A viral video of Ramdev on social media where he is seen trashing allopathy is where the conflict started. The IMA wrote to the health minister following which the video was withdrawn. But the controversy was far from over as Ramdev raised 25 questions over the efficacy of modern medicine and said the vaccine has no use against Covid as “thousand of doctors died even after getting inoculated”. The IMA objected to the statement and said as Ramdev has many followers, he should not promote vaccine hesitancy.


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