Dawning upon the rustic bicycle and a heavy bag filled with dreams on pieces of paper he stood by the gate, the weight of the bag now a routine pleasure for him. “Mr. Bibhudutta Siddharth” he called while wiping off the sweat on his brows and off I came with a glass of water and a smile on my face. ‘Anand’ he replied when I asked his name. I took the letter and saw his re-arrange the other in his bag. “How much time does it take to deliver them all?” I said, “About a day or two”. Nodding to him expectantly I asked “What if you could deliver them all at once, like setting off birds into the sky”, he looked at me condescendingly and said “Sirji, I don’t know what you’ve had today, but to answer your question, yes that’d take some load off my chest”. “Indeed” I said, “Perhaps today both of us might learn a new thing”.

“I’ve got something that would make your letter reach the entire village In just One Go, like the dispassionate sound of a Koyal in the morning, distributing her rhythm ever so evenly”. He seemed in a hurry but just stood by to her the entire thing out. Turning his cycle onto a full stand he said “And what would that thing be?”. “It’s a thing called ‘Twitter’, where anything you Write gets sent to everyone accompanied by a small phrase known as hashtag, which would help it get spread, the more people use it”.

He stood there with his face synonymous to exclamation mark. “So let me get this straight” he said “Oh by all means” I quirked, “I write a letter on this thing of yours and it will spread my message to everyone along with another message which would spread it by those interested, all while I do nothing” he said and both of us paused. “Precisely”.

“What if I use a few more of these “hash.. tag” and try to hit a wider audience” he looked at me expectantly. “Anand bhai, I think you’re onto something”.


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