There is a lot of speculation nowadays in response to the question of what US President Donald Trump will do after leaving the White House. One of these speculations is that Trump can launch his own media company.

This speculation is getting a lot of air amidst his fights with Fox News, Fox news considered Trump’s ‘favorite channel’. But Trump has targeted Fox News several times, along with other channels, during the recent presidential election.

According to CNN, Trump may harm the Fox brand and disenchant viewers if he launches a media company of his own. It is possible that the right-wing media map, which had been under Fox’s control for a long time, may be broken into pieces.

In its report, CNN says- Now the question is what can Trump do after (President) leaves office? In that case, the possibility of a Trump-branded streaming service is more than that of a “Trump TV” cable channel. But anything is possible: Trump might host a radio show, expand Trump’s existing webcasts, or have a licensing deal with a company like Newsmax.

Trump eyes on starting digital media company: Axios

A Axios report quoted sources as saying that Trump had told friends that he wanted to start a digital media company to hurt Fox News.

Some of Trump’s advisors believe that Fox News initially made a mistake by announcing the victory of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in Arizona.

The report quoted the source as saying that Trump is planning a digital media channel, which will cost less and can be started quickly. A source said that Trump is going to spend a lot of time criticizing Fox.

Trump also targeted Fox News in October for showing campaigning for Biden by former President Barack Obama. Trump told reporters at the White House, “Fox (News) showed him the whole day and showed Joe (Biden) all day, what he should have done. He should have shown a picture of Joe asleep.”

Recently, Trump had also referred to Fox News when he targeted the media, accusing fox news of interfering in the election. He had said that Fox News, ABC / Washington Post, NBC / Wall Street Journal were so wrong about me about their survey that it affected the election.



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