President Donald Trump Just not Lost the election but Lost more than an Election last week. Donald Trump will lose all the Constitutional Protection from Prosecution afforded to a sitting President after he leaves the White House in January.

Donald Trump who Refused to concede and fighting to hold into the office, situation will be more worst than ever to a investigation which is pending before the Grand jury by the Attorney of Manhattan district into the family business of President’s office and their practice, his taxes after January 20

Inquiry of known active criminal investigation of Donald Trump, been stalled since last fall, he sued for his tax returns and other records, on the second time this dispute is before the Supreme Court of United States and this time Ruling is expected.

Trump said that the district Attorney Cyrus  R.  Vance Jr, is a Democrat and that is why the investigation is politically motivated fishing expedition. But Trump could face a Problem if Supreme Court will say that Vance has a Authority to the records and uncovers possible crimes and after that Trump could be trapped in Serious problems even Prison, for a Ex President.

Law Professor at University of Taxes Mr Stephen Viadeck said In a conversation with Our Reporter Aditya singh that Donald Trump have not more Protection from Vance

Vladeck Added that Vance has been wild card here and there is a less chance that New administration will try to stop Vance.

President’s lawyer Jay Sekulow denied to comment through a spokesman

Lawyers of Vance come to know that Constitution protect the President while in the office but Attorney of district has said nothing about what happen after Trump leaves the White Office.

Some legal experts said it would send the wrong message if Vance had evidence to justify charges but decided to walk away from a prosecution of Trump.


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