India has made the number one position in the world in the daily infection of corona virus. Corona patients have crossed 18 lakhs in the country. Although the infection of covid-19 in America is more than 48 lakhs and it is at the top, but the dangerous thing is that the rate of spread of Corona infection in India is seen to be faster than the US. It took 33 days for America to touch 10 million to 18 lakh covid infection levels, while India has touched this step in just 18 days.

In India, the case of corona infection reached 1 lakh on 18 May. Till July 16, it took 30 days to reach 10 lakhs. At the same time, America had covered this distance in 32 days. On March 27, 1 lakh infections were reached in America. On 27 April, America stood at the position of 1 million.

Compared to the figure of 10 lakhs, India was better than the US for 2 days. However, after that the corona infection in India has started to increase more rapid.


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