The number of corona virus victims in India is continuously increasing. This figure has reached at 400. At the same time, 8 people have died so far. No vaccine has yet been developed to prevent the corona virus. In such a situation, the WHO (World Health Organization) has said the only way to avoid this deadly virus. According to the WHO, cleanliness is the only way to avoid this virus.

According to the WHO, this corona virus can be avoided if humans take care of cleanliness around them, do not come in contact with an infected person and wash their hands regularly from time to time. Although this information is so spread, many people are not yet aware of the correct procedure of washing hands.

Which things are necessary to wash hands?

If you use lukewarm water to wash hands, it would be better. Also, you should have a liquid system such as soap or sanitizer. According to WHO guidelines, rub them well for about 20 seconds while washing hands. Don’t forget to clean them with towels or dryer after washing hands.

What is the right way to wash hands?

When washing hands, rub the palms together. Rub the fingers of both hands together. Do not forget to rub the rings lightly. Apply soap on the back side of the hand as well. Wash hands till wrist. After washing hands, wipe them with a clean cloth or towel. Some people do not wash their hands under this process. In such a situation, the effect of washing hands will not be that much. Therefore, this virus can be prevented only by cleaning in the manner described by WHO.

When it is necessary to wash hands?

Wash immediately after applying hand to eye, nose or mouth. Always wash hands after coughing or sneezing by placing hands on the mouth. Wash hands before eating. Also, after coming in contact with a stranger or putting hands on the surface, wash hands thoroughly. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after defecation. Hand wash after applying various types of chemical. Always wash hands after going to the toilet.



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