A sensational case of killing three people has come to light on Monday in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. An attempt was also made to burn the three dead bodies. After the incident, sensation spread throughout the area. Agra’s Additional Director General of Police Ajay Anand said that three persons have been killed in Nagla area of ​​Etmaduddaula in Agra and an attempt was made to burn their dead bodies by killing them.

The investigation has started, the forensic team is called for investigation. Police has gathered in the investigation of who committed the murder. The ADG has claimed that some clues have been found from the spot. The incident will be revealed soon.

According to the local people, at Nagla Kishanlal of EtmaudDaula police station area, a businessman and his wife and son were attacked and killed with sharp weapons. After the murder, an attempt was also made to burn the bodies by putting flammable substances on them, police reached the information of neighbors and found the bodies of the three in a scorched state. The police is trying to find the reason for the incident.

ADG Ajay Anand, IG A.G. Satish Ganesh and SSP Bablu Kumar reached the spot. The forensic team was called for investigation. The family has no enmity with anyone. No one can understand why he was killed like this. Bhai Raghuveer told that robbery can also happen behind the incident, some items are seen missing from the house.


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