Say anything to the donkey, his feelings will not get hurt. But human beings do. Call a human being a donkey, then humans become offend. Whereas no one is a ‘nirmohi’ animal bigger than a donkey. You can read a fine essay in praise of donkey here. Anyway, let’s get back to the point.

In the era of Corona virus, people are taking extreme carelessness. Do not apply masks. Do not keep social distancing. There is a mob. In such a situation, some people are also spreading awareness.

Reporter ask a person pointing at the donkey. “Why it is not speaking?”

The person replied, “This is not human. This is a donkey. ”

To this, the reporter says, “The donkey roaming in lockdown and does not wear a mask.” One person realised that there is a camera and he covered his face, the reporter says an immortal sentence, “Do not try to avoid the camera. “Try to keep your self safe from Corona.”


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