President Biden has relied on using light to help Americans see what is important. In his earliest words to Americans just before his inauguration ceremony he referred to the Major Beau Biden National Guard facility as “A place that defines the very best of who we are as Americans” while reminding us that “these are dark times, but there is always light.”

President Biden’s theme of “there is always light” will be a constant idea. The sunlight of Inauguration Day reminded us that ‘there is always light’ from above to guide us whether it comes from a religious point of view or a scientific one. Even at night there are stars and moonlight to show us the way. We must keep our eye on the target of a united America after a few years of divisive rhetoric, but guided by the light that is always there, if we are willing to see it. As a country we have a job to fulfill of being a ‘more perfect Union’. We won’t always agree on policy, but we MUST always believe in the right of different opinions & then a willingness to work for the ‘greater good of all.’

It shouldn’t be surprising that he used light again in his Thursday night address by saying ”Finding light in the darkness is a very American thing to do.” Joe Biden gave people a date to hope to get together with a few friends and celebrate July 4th with, as light would guide us to that event, if we all did our part. He orchestrated a partnership. He is doing his part to bring ‘the light to us’. So get vaccinated when you can and keep doing the right things to help everyone enjoy July 4th. Do your job, like President Biden is doing his.


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