In the Corona crisis, even ‘bread’ is being stolen for the sinful stomach. This theft in itself is shameful and rare theft. It is a shame if self-reliant India is still stolen for the bread.

The case is from Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. This bread is stolen in the judicial magistrate’s house. Despite the presence of police and administration around the city, the thieves had to steal the bread.

Whereas police and administration have the responsibility to ensure that every person gets food. But the thieves stole ‘five rotis and 1900 rupees’ from Sidhi’s judicial magistrate’s house.

The thieves cut the roof of the magistrate’s home at night and stole five roti and 1900 rupees. The thieves broke into the kitchen by cutting the mesh of the roof. Because the theft took place in the judicial magistrate’s house, now the police is busy in searching for the thieves who have stolen the bread with their whole life. The police is engaged in identifying the bread thieves with the help of investigative dogs. The case is of the City Kotwali police station area.


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