There seems to be no end to the hardships of migrant laborers in the lockdown caused by the Corona crisis in the country. Everyday one by one shocking news comes and exposes their pain. Meanwhile, a very shocking news has come from the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, which also brings out the disgusting face of the UP Police, which has crossed all limits of insensitivity and ruthlessness.

In fact, in the Bhopa police station area of ​​Muzaffarnagar, a police inspector has revealed the sale of bicycles of migrant laborers sent to Quarantine. The irony is that the laborers whose bicycles have been sold do not have any information regarding this. And no one knows whether those workers are still quarantined, or have gone to their homes.

This insensitive incident has been revealed by a correspondent of a local newspaper, he made a video of a home guard selling 10 bicycles. It is clear from this conversation that the bicycles belonged to laborers and ten bicycles were sold for just Rs 6 thousand.

It is being told that this video is from the Swami Kalyan Dev College campus of Bhopa police station area, where the workers passing through it have been stopped and quarantined here. It is being told that these bicycles belong to 10 such laborers, who have been quarantined here. In such a situation, the police had to protect the bicycles of the quarantine workers. But instead of protecting the bicycle a police officer sold 10 bicycles for one and a quarter of the price. However, Bhopa police station in-charge Sanjeev Kumar has been unaware of the case.

In the viral video on social media, a police home guard is talking to an unknown young man, saying that ‘Daroga ji gave 10 bicycles of laborers to sell, which was sold for 6 thousand rupees. The young man making the video says, “So cheap!” On this, a policeman of the UP police standing nearby says that only 5 thousand rupees were being received. But after deal has done to 6 thousand. Each cycle has been sold for 500 rupees. The conversation in the video shows that those bicycles are a property of labours

On this incident, Samajwadi Party state secretary Manish Jagan Aggarwal raised a very important question and said that “Thousands of laborers have come from all over the state by bicycle. The state government claims that hundreds of laborers have been sent to their village by bus. In such a situation, it should be told where their bicycles are! Also, the bicycles of the quarantined laborers should also be protected. ” He said that complaints like Muzaffarnagar have also come from elsewhere. These people seem to hate the bicycle. Aggarwal said that the disclosure of selling laborers’ cycles in Bhopa is clear that now they have ‘scammed the cycles of the poor’.

At the same time, Muzaffarnagar Samajwadi Party general secretary Jia Chaudhary has put the district administration in the dock for not taking action in the case, saying it is extremely shameful. The workers are already struggling with heavy tragedy. Some women have sold their jewelery and bought bicycles so that their family can somehow go home. This is his cycle of hope. Chaudhary said that we have demanded action from the local local administration, but they are patching the case. Perhaps they think that the workers will not come and complain to them. But we are trying to contact the suffering laborers.

When this whole matter came to light, SP Nepal Singh of Muzaffarnagar countryside said that the matter has come to their knowledge and they are investigating it. But in the meantime, local CO Ramnivas Sharma has warned the dialogue source of the local newspaper to reveal the truth by making a video and file a case against him. He said that the matter is not what it looks like.


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