India since 2013 has been a tale of lies being mistaken with realities. With change in the political nomenclature of the country We Indians have seen many changes in our socio economic fabric in the past 6 (six) years. In midst of a Pandemic I write this piece not to pass any judgement on these changes coz I fear to be named “Judgemental” or even worse a “Desh Drohi’. I simply want the country to think logical and ask proper and appropriate questions in this time of health emergency. It is considered in any successful democracy that not every question finds an answer but it is vitally important for the same democracy that the people ask appropriate questions and then look for their answers.

The “CHARKHA” of BAPU today is replaced by media and instead of spinning threads of cotton, the charkha of modern India spins lies and propaganda of the ruling party. Today We are equally blessed with a blessing named “Social Media” where the truth is Lynched daily on a regular basis and lies take their places to become the perceived truth and hence, facts are buried below the piles of lies. The policies of the government have resulted in acute mass poverty, glaring social exclusion, mounting unemployment, regional imbalances, sectoral and functional disintegration and inequality of income and socio-economic status of the people. And to top it all we have CORONA Virus as icing on the cake. Even though it is expected the hardships brings out the best and the worst out of any system or process, but to the contrary the hardship subjected by this pandemic has brought out only the worst out of the modern Indian Thought process. If the so called self proclaimed luminary of the social media propaganda are to be believed then following are the popular beliefs of modern India in this pandemic or to frame it correctly popular beliefs regarding the pandemic:

• Lock down is the only effective solution against corona in India.
• The country is in able hands quite prepared to fight the pandemic.
• Every sector and every social class is being strengthened by tedious governmental planning through economic vaccines and boosters.
• Muslims are spreading corona virus as a Jihad against all Hindus of India.
• India is destined for becoming a “Hindu rastra”
• Mr. Modi has an Exclusive Franchise for the Great Hindu and Hindutva Dream.
• Pakistan is jealous and afraid of India and is on the verge of total annihilation, which is positive news for India etc.

Now with only 1.5GB of internet data available to the common Indian, it becomes very hard on ones’ part to develop a logical state of mind when the above popular propaganda is flowing through the social media abundantly and regularly. Hence, for this I bring some facts about the Indian economy that every Indian must carefully examine before becoming a part of the propaganda. The facts are:

• 91% of earning adults in india have properties less than 7.5 lacks i.e.less than 10000 dollars .Only one percent have properties more than one lakh dollars.
• 86% of working male and 94% of working female have monthly income less than 10000 rupees.

• We spend only 1.25% of our expenses on health and education.

• 40% of our population is dependent on agriculture.

• Hunger,malnutrition,pollution,illness,poverty, crime,violence,exploitation,depression etc are at its peak in our country. Every year lakhs of people become poor owing to expenses incurred during treatment of certain critical diseases.

• Our north and eastern parts of the country has move poverty than 26 sub shahra African countries, which are world’s most poor countries.

• If you get 50000 per month as salary then you belong to the topmost 1% elite salaried class of the country.

• 10% of the countries’richest people have 77.4% of countries wealth and 1% have 51.53% of countries’ wealth.

• The top nine richest persons of our country have wealth equal to the collective wealth of the 50% of rest of the population.

• 60% of the lower strata population of India has a collective wealth of worth 4.8% of the total wealth of the country.

• After the year 2004 10% of the extremely poor population have remained continuously under debt of any form of loan.

Now, the question is, in the light of the above facts how can anyone believe the propaganda of considering this country prepared for a pandemic? or how can one believe that India is fighting the corona in both effective and efficient manner?(as is told in Propaganda).
The worst part of all this is the self centred attitude of the ruling party, which recently became evident in case of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Recently when the opposition leader and youth icon Mr. Rahul Gandhi raised his concerns about the Corona Pandemic becoming an Economic Pandemic for India and constructively suggested measures to fight the same, it was to the shame of the entire country that his concerns and suggestions were blatantly ignored by the government. So what is the message that the “Supreme Leader”(Mr.Modi) wants the country to believe ?? What is his take on the growing financial challenges of INDIA today risen due to CORONA Pandemic??Is the entire country worth only for lighting candles and beating plates from their homes??is the whole democracy just a bunch of illogical idiots for him???

There are many questions for now but Never the less, I strongly believe change will happen and things would get better but ignoring the leaders like Mr. Rahul Gandhi will never get this country through this pandemic in a safe manner. So according to me India today need logic and logical thinking to fight corona, and it is through this logical leadership India shall regain its fractured pride. To sum it all I would like to conclude my piece through another set of reality of the modern India. We see the great BJP circus promoting and spreading the message of washing our hands on a regular basis to avoid contamination of corona virus, however fact remains that a regular household of 5(five) persons in INDIA requires 40(Forty) litres of water on a daily basis to do the same and avoid corona. At the same time 19%(nineteen percent) of rural population of India that supports 23%(twenty three percent) Indian population has not even access to proper drinking water. So how do they avoid corona? what should they choose to drink the water or to wash their hand? i leave you all with line of Adam Gondwi :

घर में ठंडे चूल्हे पर अगर खाली पतीली है
बताओ कैसे लिख दूँ धूप फाल्गुन की नशीली है


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