The country is fighting a terrible disease like Corona but the people of the country are facing the false promises of the government. In easy language, it can be called double hitting. One corona and the other government system. Government claims that they are doing everything possible to stop Corona, but there is not much impact on ground. Efforts are also being made at the same pace at which government works are done. Actually, the UP government has set up quarantine centers for Corona patients at many places, but the system inside that four walls is now under question.

One of these quarantine centers is situated in PM Narendra moody’s constituency, People are being held in quarantine here, but the system is negligible. You can assume that it seems that people are serving the punishment in the center About 200 people from other states have been accommodated here. The situation here can also be gauged from the fact that every day there is a ruckus for some reason whether it is the arrangement of sleeping or taking bath etc. There is also a living picture of what arrangements have been made for the people. In which it can be seen that in the quarantine center where the government had dreamed of taking care of the suspected patients, they are also being treated badly.

The quarantine center at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Gajokhar in Pindra police station area of ​​Varanasi created an uproar over the quality of food and demand to go home. ADM administration Ranvijay Singh and Joint Magistrate Manikandan, Tehsildar Ramnath and Inspector Sanwar Ali, reached there and calmed them down. This situation is not only about this quarantine center, but also the condition of a quarantine center in a public school in Rohania. Where people have been put to sleep by putting a thin mattress on the ground. There is no provision of clean beds and cots from the government. It is not just a matter of sleeping, but neither or all the people present have been given masks nor sanitizers etc have been arranged. However DM Kaushal Raj Sharma also inspected here. Following complaints of mosquito nets, some people were assured to provide mosquito-based incense sticks. But this assurance remained only assurance. So far these people are fighting for the corona as well as the essentials.

In PM’s constituency more than 14,500 people have been quarantined in various primary schools,  The 28-year-old suspect, who arrived from Mumbai at the Quarantine Center in Rameshwar, was sent here, but people ran away after saw them. Similarly, there are 50 beds in the Quarantine Center in Shivpur, but people staying there are going to the shops taking biscuits, samosas and the one who has been tasked to take care of them is sleeping like Kumbhakarn.

This situation is not only in Varanasi but almost everywhere in the state of the Yogi government, Many quarantine centers do not have drinking water, so government servants are enjoying the feast at many centers. But even after all this, the eyes of the government are not opening. On the other hand, the state government has announced to release Rs 70-70 lakh to all the tehsils, but this help seems stuck in the bureaucracy.


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