The BJP is fully active before the Bihar elections, during the preparations, a video conferencing of the BJP State Working Committee took place, in which the party’s national president JP Nadda said “Pradhan Mantri Garib Rojgar Yojana in which our migrant laborers get employment at the same place. Arrangements have also been made. There are probably 22 districts of Bihar or even more, which have been added under this scheme. We should also keep that in mind and move forward. ” But the truth is that this statement of Chairman JP Nadda is beyond ground reality.

The truth of the village from which PM started planning

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Garib Kalyan Yojana on 20th June. The PM started the scheme through video conferencing from the Telihar Panchayat of Beldore block of Khagaria.

Its purpose was to remove the economic problems of the workers and increase employment opportunities. Under this, it was said that laborers of 116 districts of 6 states will be given work for 125 days. 32 districts of Bihar have been included in this.

During this visit, Prime Minister Modi told the head of Beldore block of Khagaria, Anil Singh that 475 migrant laborers have returned from different parts of the country in his panchayat.

When this reporter talked to the chief Anil Singh on August 18 after about two months and wanted to know the employment status of migrant laborers in the village, it came to know that most of the workers have gone back in search of work. And now less than 100 migrant laborers are living in the village.

He told us that 70-80 laborers worked for hardly 20-25 days and now the work is completely closed. However, they reduced the total number of migrant laborers in the village from 475 to 463.

The laborer with whom CM Nitish spoke is still unemployed

Now look at the second issue. Kailash Ravidas, a resident of Navkadih in Sikandra block of Jamui, used to make slippers in Kolkata. When the work stopped in the lockdown, he returned home on 23 May and went to live in the Quarantine Center in the IT center of Sikandra.

As soon as he reached there, the local administration started preparing him to talk to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar through video conferencing.

The CM spoke to Kailash on 24 May, but he did not make any mention of employment, after the video conference was over, the officials did not even talk to him.

This reporter spoke to Kailash on August 18 after three months. Kailash has been unemployed for three months. A conversation with CM has made Kailash the subject of jokes in his village.

Kailash said,

“It has become a joke. On any matter, the people of the village say, yes Kailash ji CM will give you a job, DM will give the job, BDO Sahab will give the job. But no officer was seen again. It has been two and a half months since I left the quarantine center, till date no one has come to take the news.”

Kailash is a physically handicap, no one earns at his home.. He has a son, he used to work in Kolkata as well. Kailash said, “Sitting, eating and taking debt. It’s been two and a half months, 10-11,000 rupees has taken as a debt”

To talk about Kailash Ravidas, we called Sikandra’s CO, then he has asked Kailash to go to BDO. There is no news of help at the moment.

PM said- no one has to take the debt 

The irony is that the Prime Minister had said in his address while starting poor employment welfare, “Friends, the government is making all efforts, that in the time of Corona epidemic you do not have to take debt from anyone while living in the village.”

Kailash wants to go back to Kolkata. In this way, the process of return of migrant laborers has already started long ago.

Exodus of workers is not stopping

Rakib, a resident of Kothganj’s Pothia, returned from one such bus on August 16 for the purpose of working in a sewing factory in Delhi. Before leaving the bus, he said,

“There is no money left. After all, we have sold mobiles which I bought at the cost of 5000. Will pay the bus fare from that money. What to do if you do not go back, how will you eat? “

The responsibility of this scheme has been given to the Rural Development Department of the Government of Bihar. According to the data provided by the department, under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana till August 26, 3,67,56,784 employment opportunities have been created with an outlay of Rs 5258.31 crore.

When we asked the Additional Secretary of the department Rajiv Roshan about the village of Telihar, he said,

“It needs to be viewed in a positive way. Every citizen has the freedom to go anywhere, to work anywhere. People from different skills come from different corners of the country. It is not the purpose of the poor welfare scheme that no man should go anywhere. If we are going from one state to another in our country, if we call it migration, then I think this definition will have to be considered again. It may be the definition of media.”



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