Yes Bank came into existence in the year 2003. It acquired banking license in 2004 & went to
stock exchange with IPO in 2005. Yes bank was growing slowly and things were smooth until
the year 2008.

In 2008, when whole nation bear the burnt of 26/11 terrorist attack, Yes bank received it’s first
shock, Mr. Ashok Kapur died in these attacks. His death started a war of succession in Yes
bank. Madhu Kapur, the wife of Mr. Ashok Kapur wanted her daughter Shagun on the board of
directors. These plans were wrecked by Mr. Rana Kapoor, who now was in full control of Yes

Now Yes Bank was about to undertake a journey which would lead it to become one of the
greatest disaster in the banking industry, in future.
Today, Yes bank, once known for it customer service,is not allowing it’s customers to withdraw
more than 50000/- Rs. from their account.
So, what led this sudden change that forced RBI to impose such restrictions, overnight.
The answers to this question can only be given when one looks into the list of defaulters of Yes

Anil Ambani, with his nine companies account for NPA worth Rs. 12800 crore, where as Easel
group owned by Mr. Subhash Chandra made up Rs. 8400 crore of bad loans of Yes Bank.
Of course these two alone has not led to the downfall of the Yes Bank and DHFL group with a
bad loan of Rs. 4375 crore and IL&FS with it’s bad loan of Rs. 2500 crore are worth mentioning.
Mrs. Nirmala Sitharamam has claimed that all these loans were given prior to 2014 during UPA
regime but she refuses to acknowledge that her govt failed to hear the alarm bell ringing for the
past six years.

Mr. Rana Kapoor has been detained by ED for the purpose of interrogation. But will this
interrogation lead somewhere, this is hard to answer.

In its bailout plan , Govt has asked SBI to infuse approximately Rs. 7200 crore in Yes bank.
Ironically, SBI has pocketed this money by lowering the interest rate offered on its deposits.
Whether this could revive the Yes bank and bring back the lost trust of depositors is yet to be


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