Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav has written a letter to all the members of the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council of his party, urging them to cooperate in fighting the coronaviruses and the guidelines issued by the government to the public. Tejashwi said in his letter on Friday that public interest is our devotion, public service is our karma. He wrote, “Today, the whole Bihar, including the whole world and the country, is struggling with the disaster of Coronavirus. This is the time to make public service vows, and to make every effort to save people’s lives.

He further wrote, “Keep an eye on each house, village-street, Tola-mohalla, panchayat-block and district level promptly. If any of our brothers, sisters, mother and father are alone and in trouble in your area then it will be our failure. Every need of the public should be fulfilled, this should be your first and last priority, because every life is precious and necessary. ”

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Tejaswi yadav Appealing to make everyone aware of the government’s guidelines and follow them, He said that the nearby hospital, policeman, nurse, doctor, meet any need than help and cooperate.

He further wrote, “There will still be many people, who dont have food yet ,Provide the food items which is possible to needy, according to the government guidelines. Someone who needs medication, doctors, ration or any other emergency, help them immediately. ”

He exhorted the MLAs to follow humanitarianism in this asymmetrical fight and said that if there is any obstacle, any difficulty, then be fully prepared on behalf of the party. It is time for examination, you have to stand the test of the public.


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