Cold water splashes, tear gas shells, Lathi charge, pits on the road to block the way, huge stones and barricades were tied up with chains, huge containers were put in place, Border Security Force was called. ,The borders to go from one state to another were sealed. All this planning was not done to stop any terrorist or criminal, but for the farmers who are raising their voice.

So that they cannot reach Delhi, the capital of the country and cannot raise their voice. And all this was happening when the country was celebrating Constitution Day. Now when the right to protest and agitation given in the Constitution of the hungry person of the country will be crushed like this, then we will definitely ask, how like this?

Farmers wanted to reach Delhi, the capital of the country, with the slogan ‘Delhi Chalo’ against the new agricultural laws. But on the way, they had Punjab-Haryana border or Delhi-Haryana border, Ambala, Sonipat, Shambhu border, Vilaspur of Gurugram everywhere from police to paramilitary force was stationed to stop them.

But let us tell you that this farmers’ movement has not started suddenly. In fact, in the monsoon session, the Union Government introduced 3 agricultural bills in the Parliament. After which these bills were passed from both houses and became law. Since then, farmers and opposition parties started demonstrations across the country. The most impact was seen in Punjab. Where the Congress government also passed a resolution to stop these laws.

The biggest reason for the farmers’ movement is the fear of ending the Minimum Support Price (MSP) due to the new Farmers Act. Till now, the farmers used to sell their crops in the mandis near them on the MSP fixed by the government. At the same time, due to this new farmer law, the government has approved the business of agriculture outside the Agricultural Produce Market Committee. Due to this, farmers are afraid that they will not be able to get proper price for their crops.

The central government is saying in its statements that it will continue the MSP, with this, no mandis will be allowed to be closed anywhere in the country, but the government has not added this to the new law. Due to which there is a lot of dissatisfaction and confusion among the farmers.

Due to this confusion and resentment, farmers have been protesting for many months. In the midst of the protest, the group, which claimed to be a journalist on the TV screen suddenly started screaming and questioning the farmers.

For the first time in the history of the country, the media started creating an atmosphere in the country against the voice of the farmers. Means that Muslims and secular misguided voices against CAA-NRC, misguided students, if they raise their voices against college fees, girls marry in any religion of their choice or change their religion, in the name of alleged love jihad. If the farmers raise their voice, they go astray when they come on the road for a misguided, unemployed job.

Just a few media people and benches are the most intelligent and sensible.

Now it is not a matter of whether the demands of the farmers are justified or not, the thing is that you are not even talking. Now that the dam of patience of the farmers has broken, then you are talking about the conversation… Why did you not do it in time? Why do farmers need to endure water splashes in this cold, why are they facing tear gas shells? Why are they trying to show Villain? If these people are ‘misguided’ then they would sit with them. Let’s talk.

When China grabbed the ground, instead of take strict action, they had gone to communicate. Then they are their own, they only eat them. The amount of water that was shed, the less spent on digging the pit, the resource could be spent sitting with the farmers and talking. I wish I understood this, otherwise the country will definitely ask, how so?


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