Tarun Gogoi, Assam’s longest-serving chief minister Who had helped the state “breathe freely again” when years of insurgence, died of post-Covid complications at the Guwahati Medical faculty Hospital on Monday evening. He was 86.

“If Laluji (former Bihar chief minister) gave voice to the downtrodden and therefore the burdened, Gogoi Sir delivered state from worry and uncertainty, fuelled by years of insurgence,” state Christian Forum advocator Allen Brooks aforementioned.

“Under him, life came back to traditional within the villages and other people began stepping out of their homes at midnight. the event that befell on (Guwahati’s) G.S. Road in his initial term, and so the holding of the National Games in Guwahati throughout his second term, ar testimonies to peace and development. He helped state breathe freely once more.”

Columnist Paresh Malakar ageed. “Compared with what Gogoi had transmissible, his achievements ar outstanding,” he said.

“After Bimala Prasad Chaliha (Congress chief minister, 1957-70), Gogoi was the sole chief minister below whom state witnessed real development. He additionally tried to preserve the composite character of state by taking everybody on.”

Educationist and theatre activist Sitanath Lahkar highlighted a unique aspect of Gogoi’s rule.

“I’m not a lover of the Congress however i need to admit that drama activists like Pine Tree State enjoyed heaps of freedom throughout his tenure. Freedom of expression was ne’er checked (unlike) what we tend to ar witnessing across Bharat nowadays,” he said.

Lahkar recalled the favored TV comedy show, Supati, “where the joke was perpetually on him (Gogoi)”.

“But rather than taking choler, he accustomed fancy the show,” he said, basic cognitive process however the chief minister accustomed forced an entry a smile whenever somebody asked him regarding the show.

Rights activist Suhas Chakma saluted Gogoi for transferral “peace to the troubled hills” within the Bodo areas, Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao. “A true profane Ahomiya, he ne’er relied on worry or hate,” he said.

When Gogoi took over in might 2001, state was fighting insurgence, its finances in a very shambles. however Gogoi’s cooccurring efforts at development and peace turned things around inside 3 years.

But his three-term rule resulted in one in every of the Congress’s worst defeats, once it won simply twenty six of the Assembly’s 126 seats in 2016. the most reasons were high expectations associate degreed an intense power struggle together with his cupboard minister Sarma, that most Congress insiders blame the leadership for not addressing in time. Sarma eventually joined the BJP and written its rise to power within the state.

Gogoi’s success in state politics is basically attributed to his expertise in urban center, his accessibility and amiable nature behind the blunt manner, his promotion of young politicians and, maybe most significant, the absence of any corruption charges against him in person.

He was additionally a media favorite as a result of he treated veterans and rookies alike, answered calls late within the night and ne’er ducked uncomfortable queries or things.

His government’s efforts to line up medical faculties in each district ar seen as having vie a key role in Assam’s fight against the Covid pandemic. He doubled Assam’s range of medical faculties from 3 to 6.

A Twitter user, Anannya Baruah, posted: “Rest in peace, Tarun Gogoi. For those years of relative peace when the terrors of the 90s and therefore the early 00s, for being an honest CM, and for being the kind of one who apparently extremely enjoyed parodies of himself on Supoti – his death could be a loss for all folks.”

Gogoi was born into a doctor’s family at Rangajan tea estate in contemporary Jorhat district on October eleven, 1934.

He was a six-time MP and a five-time MLA except for holding numerous organisational posts within the Congress at the national and state levels. He was Union minister of state with freelance charge of the food ministry from 1991 to 1995 once Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, McDonald’s and Will Keith Kellog entered Bharat despite resistance.

Gogoi served as chief minister for five,485 days, from might eighteen, 2001, to May 24, 2016, covering 3 straight terms.

He tested positive for Covid-19 on August twenty five and was discharged from hospital on October twenty five before being readmitted on November 2. He was on ventilation, battling multi-organ failure, since Sat afternoon. He was placed on qualitative analysis on Sunday.

Gogoi leaves behind his woman Dolly, female offspring Chandrima and son Gaurav Gogoi, a Congress MP.


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