BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy doesn’t recoil from speaking his mind, often going against his party’s stance. Over the years, Swamy has criticised many of the choices and activities of the BJP-led Central government on several occasions – from holding examinations amid the pandemic to fuel prices.

On Monday night Swamy took to Twitter with a strongly worded post, hitting out at the govt over high fuel prices within the country. As of Tuesday morning the Indian Oil Corporation website lists petrol at Rs. 90.34 in Mumbai. Diesel costs Rs 80.51 within the city. the costs are slightly lower in Delhi.

“Petrol price at Rs. 90 per litre may be a monumental exploitation by GoI of the people of India. the worth ex-refinery of petrol is Rs. 30/litre. all types of taxes and Petrol pump commission add up the rest Rs.60. In my view petrol must sell at max. Rs. 40 per litre,” the parliamentarian tweeted.

According to data uploaded on the Indian Oil Corporation website, the bottom Price of petrol in Delhi (from December 1) is Rs. 26.34. The addition of taxes and duties eventually takes this number to Rs. 82.34.

Swamy however appears to be using the present petrol price in Mumbai to form his point.

According to reports, the Centre currently levies around Rs. 30 as tax on petrol and diesel. This includes basic excise, special additional excise and road or infra cess. This number has almost doubled over the last year, and seems poised to rise even further in 2021. News reports published after a requirement hike in May this year had explained that taxes now comprised up to 70% of retail prices of petrol and diesel within the country.


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