Sindhi Panchayat banned the pre wedding shoot so sindhi community’s couple would not be able to do pre wedding shoot.

This decision has been taken in the meeting of office-bearers chaired by Chairman SB Rehzwani. General Secretary Madhu Chandwani said that after engagement , young men and women have started going to some famous place to shoot pre-wedding photo shoots. Young people share this photo on social media. They post the video wedding reception. During the shooting, the limitations are ignored sometimes. The panchayat has advised to avoid this.

As per sindhi Panchayat Why there is a need to stop pre-wedding shoots?

In recent Times There have been many cases when the young men and women did pre-wedding shooting before marriage. Photos and videos went viral on social media, but later the relationship broke up due to some reasons. In such situation, the woman and her family were embarrassed. Because of this the panchayat felt the need to stop it.


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