On the name of the NRC and the CAB, a rift between the indians has begun. The intentions behind this game have come down to the streets of Hindustan in the form of crowds that do not know and never understand. They are not interested in getting accurate information about what the NRC and CAA are. Simply, they know the only purpose is to commit violence. Political party wanting to mislead them into a political loaf has begun and we can see the result as a Delhi violence

Government property is being harmed in a big way. Certain political parties have shouted at the citizenship reform law will help to unite the country but their actions dont justify the statements . Their lies and deception politics have worked hard to burn.

In 2014,  started an entertainment channel called ‘Zindagi’. The channel featured TV serials made in countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey and Ukraine. The channel became popular among audiences in India. The Pakistani serials also got a very good audience. At that time, a TV series depicting the events of 1947 on this channel had attracted a lot of interest in the Indian audience. It was the name of a Pakistani TV drama ‘Dastan.’ The ‘Dastan’ drama was also screened in India. The period drama was very beautifully spoken of the time when Hindustan was partitioned in 1947 and Pakistan came into being as a separate country. Today, when there is an atmosphere of unrest in the country, those descended on street violence need to once again gaze upon and contemplate the medium of this TV series. Need to remember the vicious memories of the most terrifying communal riots in the history of India. This TV series made in Pakistan . artists of that country have worked in it. The director of Pakistan has directed it. The essence of the drama was that the creation of a separate Muslim country Pakistan in the name of religion was the biggest mistake in history !!! At that time Pakistan was created by the sins of Zina and his Muslim League. But do I need to repeat after a 72 years what happened with pakistan ?

That all thing is in Dastan takes you through that painful history. And it warns us to not repeat the mistake which happened in history. Pakistan was created on August 14, 1947, and on August 15, India became a separate country. The border between the two countries is drawn. Along with that were the division of property and land. Even the great works, poets who composed the poems were also divided between the two countries. Remember the poet Iqbal who created the ‘Sare Jahan se achchha Hindosta hamara’?  The people of Pakistan claims that Iqbal is our man but it is not a fact.

In today’s time there is so many jinnah who are trying to spread the poison and they are working hard to divide the heart of two communities and they are becoming successful day by day and WhatsApp, Facebook and such SM platform is playing key role in it ,we are also contribute in that mission by believing in fake news and stopping them, we should take a responsibility and make a habit to say NO to the people who are spreading poison in the society. We should ask a question to ourselves this violent india we want or we want a country where everyone can live peacefully.

Why country like Canada, USA, Australia are developed, when you will try to find the answer of this question you will get a answer that the people of all communities are living together and peacefully, even Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis live together ,they are neighbors so,  it is on us what we want to become!!


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