A survey by a Delhi-based citizen engagement platform, GovernEye Systems, has found that BJP’s Ujjain MP Anil Firojiya, YSRCP’s Nellore MP Adala Prabhakara Reddy, and former Congress chief and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi are among the leaders who extended maximum assistance to their constituents during the lockdown this year.

A survey was launched on October 1 and 25 Lok Sabha MPs were shortlisted on the idea of nominations received in their favour. the highest 10 MPs were then identified supported field interviews and feedback from the respective constituencies.

The top 10 MPs include: Anil Firojiya (BJP), Adala Prabhakara Reddy (YSRCP), Rahul Gandhi (INC), Mahua Moitra (TMC), L.S. Tejasvi Surya (BJP), Hemant Tukaram Godse (Shiv Sena), Sukhbir Singh Badal (SAD), Shankar Lalwani (BJP), Dr. T. Sumathy (a) Thamizhachi Thangapandian (DMK) and Nitin Jairam Gadkari (BJP).

A statement from GovernEye said that a complete of 33,82,560 valid nominations were received for 512 Lok Sabha MPs between Oct 1, 2020, and Oct 15, 2020.

“The results don’t reveal the stories of courage and selflessness of those MPs that our teams heard during their conversations with people across various constituencies. For all the negative publicity our elected representatives get, we don’t hear the stories of how some MPs and their teams risked their personal safety to serve their constituency,” Manjunath Keri, Senior Project Lead of the survey team said during a statement


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