Against the backdrop of the overall Elections of 2014 and 2019, Rahul Gandhi was often portrayed by critics as somewhat just like the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. But it’s far more complicated than that.

We have to travel back a touch to know his Nehru-Gandhi legacy. The Nehru-Gandhi chain began with Motilal Nehru. Nehru , Gandhi , Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are the links therein chain.

Motilal and Jawaharlal’s close association with Gandhiji often leads people to interchange the Gandhi-Nehru relationship with the Nehru-Gandhi family. Gandhi treated Jawaharlal almost like another son. But Jawaharlal was far more than that. And what was beyond his association with Gandhiji is what makes the proper wing use the names interchangeably to bring disrepute to both Gandhiji and Nehru and his descendants. So it’s very necessary for Rahul Gandhi to know the nuances of why he’s hated such a lot by the proper wingers of today.

Despite being defamed by the ‘Right’, Jawaharlal Nehru’s record is enviable. He spent nine years in British prisons but during his time he was also a part of the novel youth along side leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose. But there was one fundamental difference between Bose and Nehru — the latter would haven’t any truck with fascists and, like Rahul Gandhi, was instinctively against the proper wing, even turning down an invitation to satisfy Mussolini while in Europe.

That is what makes him the foremost hated enemy of the right-wing forces even decades after his death. When he turned down Mussolini, Nehru was a standard Indian insurgent and therefore the former no but a Roman Emperor who had succeeded in bringing British and French prime ministers Chamberlain and Eduoard Daladier and Nazi dictator Hitler for the notorious Munich Agreement (also referred to as Munich Betrayal) between the four countries that ceded parts of Czechoslovakian territory to Germany.

This act of a young insurgent from a British colony was even appreciated by British masters – Chamberlain and therefore the future British prime minister Churchill , neither of who, however, might be considered abhorrent of association with fascists. But Nehru’s action was reflective of an instinctive opposition to fascism and set him aside from Bose, another son to Gandhiji, who had no qualms about teaming up with Mussolini or Hitler to drive British out of India.

In this respect, Nehru was more of Gandhiji’s true disciple. it’s not that he didn’t believe a militant struggle for freedom but Gandhiji believed in non-violence then Nehru followed ahimsa in toto. Gandhiji didn’t look after Bhagat Singh’s violent methods but Nehru wouldn’t quite abandon Bhagat Singh and his fellow revolutionaries.

Before tweeting in May 2018 that no Congress leader had visited Bhagat Singh in jail, Narendra Modi did not discover that Nehru had indeed met Bhagat Singh and his comrades within the Lahore Central Jail on August 9, 1929 and also did not read Nehru’s autobiography wherein he had praised Bhagat Singh and saluted his sacrifice. So while the RSS and BJP can fault Gandhi for abandoning Bhagat Singh, they can’t do an equivalent to Nehru.

It is thus clear that Nehru believed in non-violence above violence but could also distinguish between the violence indulged in by revolutionaries which employed by fascists to subjugate the people.

Rahul Gandhi within the modern-day carries that legacy of Nehru forward with a sort of polite pugnacity that’s abhorrent to the RSS ideologues. For his politesse are often equated with Nehru’s commitment to non-violence and his pugnacity is that the equivalent of Nehru’s understanding of the utilization of aggression during a revolution in modern terms for a regime change.

So the BJP must constantly demonise both Nehru and Rahul so as to form their fascism succeed. it’s during this context that we must understand why the BJP, which has many dynasts of its own, hates the Nehru-Gandhis and their legacy such a lot .

They cannot get a decisive victory over the Congress or crush it quite completely without destroying the Nehru-Gandhi legacy.

The government of Atal Behari Vajpayee in its six years made no plan to defame the Nehru legacy but the RSS machinery was still working beneath the radar through whisper campaigns and war of nerves also as use of cyberspace.

The 2004 defeat was an enormous jolt to them but one must blame the socialists for creating space for the fascists — right from Jaiprakash Narayan within the 1970s to the Samajwadi Party, George Fernandes, other former components of the Janata Party of 1977, all of who had little qualms about making adjustments with the BJP for his or her own personal gains.

Fernandes, who professed he was anti-fascist and broke the Janata party over the twin membership of the RSS ideologues like LK Advani and Vajpayee, unlike Nehru who would never compromise with fascists however powerful, had no problem being a minister within the Vajpayee government even after BJP’s openly fascist tendencies were established.

All had a standard enemy —Nehruvian liberalism. The RSS took brilliant advantage of this — Nitish Kumar today personifies the entire compromise that the socialists have made with their ideology, giving the BJP, and now Modi, a much-needed leg within the door.

The victory of the Congress in 2004 and 2009 didn’t mean the party had gained any power. Despite being the leading component of the UPA, the Congress has been ceding space since 1989 when Rajiv Gandhi lost his mandate.

But there was more — in victory or in defeat, the party has lost track of Nehruvian liberalism even within the fields of art, literature, history, philosophy et al. This was duly noted by the RSS and therefore the space occupied by its fringe organisations, something that even Sonia Gandhi couldn’t spot and overturn during her successful years as Congress president.

Enter Rahul Gandhi, who has an instinctive perception and abhorrence of fascism like his great grandparent . then the RSS launched a programme to destroy his image among the masses. The RSS used all its mechanisms for a psychological war against Nehru and Rahul and used every medium to destroy their credibility.

Rahul Gandhi was painted as unsuitable even before 2014. But when he overcame that image by 2019, he was still rejected as an unsuitable candidate for top office despite his sensitivity and intelligence, evident from the interviews he gave while Modi didn’t have the courage to offer any.

Rahul Gandhi features a degree in development economics from Cambridge University against Modi, whose educational qualifications are uncertain, who has never been ready to produce a degree, who is crude and uncouth against Rahul’s civility but still is painted because the most charismatic leader within the country today – the foremost undeserving image and completely the creation of the RSS propaganda machinery.

By 2014, Rahul Gandhi was left alone in touch the brunt of the right-wing propaganda both personally and against the party. the other mortal would have long fallen.

But Rahul Gandhi has stood his ground and refused to abandon the battlefield. The BJP has destroyed all institutions and he stands together with his back to the wall. Yet he battles on and it frustrates the RSS once they see that despite multiple assaults, they need did not crush Nehru’s spirit in his great grandson.

Even within his party, Rahul has had much opposition. Rahul Gandhi, unlike some in power today, has never hidden any facts about himself from the people. the overall Election of 2019 was won on a lie but Rahul only spoke the reality — sort of a doctor who had diagnosed your illness correctly but you’d rather believe the quack who says you would like nothing quite his band aid solutions. only the person doesn’t recover and is on his last legs does he run to the doctor, who he hated before for recommending a significant surgery.

That is what’s happening within the country today. Rahul Gandhi is that doctor trying to rescue the state from its quacks and is far hated today-by both the people and therefore the quacks. Clearly, the RSS hates Rahul for having the solutions it doesn’t have and therefore the growing realisation that a various country like India can’t be ruled by religion alone. there’s also the slow realisation growing among the folks that Hindutva is different from Hinduism and also that India is accomplishing nothing under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

But Rahul Gandhi, the doctor who resigned his job after the patient ran away, doesn’t lose faith in his medicine, he makes no compromises together with his ideology. The people are likely to run to him and his party for solutions when Modi’s quackery has been completely exposed. that’s why the RSS must renew its attacks to destroy him completely before that happens.

So, Rahul Gandhi’s battles became the necessity of the hour for even the country as an entire today.

He is not the president of the Congress, yet all kinds of people still pillory him for his failure to repair everything that the govt is doing wrong today. that’s the fear of the RSS — that the sole antidote to their toxic politics is that the Nehruvian vision of India as a liberal, pluralistic democracy that his great grandson shouts from the rooftops again and again, ad nauseum, day in and outing .

There is something of the ascetic within the man who doesn’t react or answer the constant abuse poured upon him, his father, his mother by the likes of these who only have boastful lies (like selling tea from a non-existent railway station) to match against a family legacy rich in humility despite its so called aristocratic moorings.

Anyone heard of how Nehru found his bodyguard stretched on his bed and the way he quietly covered the person with a blanket and slept off on a chair beside the bed. This was the legendary first Prime Minister of India.

We have seen that humility in Rahul – fetching water for somebody who fainted at his public meeting, rushing an injured journalist covering his meeting to hospital, his sister Priyanka carrying the man’s shoes in her hands until he recovered.

Such humble stories have the makings of history, albeit the Nehru-Gandhis don’t wish to boast about them. But they show that history awaits Rahul Gandhi.

That is what worries the BJP/RSS such a lot .


Parminder Singh Bhamba is Associated with Congress, Views are Personal 

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