The opposition is constantly asking a question to the Modi government on the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers in a violent clash with Chinese soldiers on LAC in Ladakh. The Congress party says that the government should tell what happened on the Indo-China border in Ladakh. The Modi government is silent on this issue.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has directly questioned PM Modi on this issue. He tweeted, “Why is the PM silent? Why is he hiding? enough is enough. We want to know what happened. How dare China kill our soldiers? How dare they take our land? ”

On Tuesday, when the news came about the martyrdom of  20 soldiers, even at that time, many opposition parties, including Congress, had asked PM Modi to tell how our so many soldiers were killed on LAC in Ladakh. What is going on LAC? But the Modi government at the center is not answering any questions. This is the same PM Modi who used to talk of showing red eye to China in 2014 general elections.

Significantly, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers near the Galvan Valley in Ladakh. These include a commanding officer. These soldiers were confirmed martyrs in the skirmish with the People’s Liberation Army of China in Galvan Valley.

It is being told that there was a clash between the soldiers of the two countries on Monday night. This violent skirmish between the soldiers of the two countries took place near the Galvan Valley, when things were moving back to normalcy after negotiations between the two countries. Tensions remain between the two countries after this violent clash.


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