The thanks to Tamil Nadu’s heart could also be through its stomach this poll season. albeit not, Rahul Gandhi’s recent appearance during a video of the Village Cooking Channel has surely left the lads behind the increasingly popular YouTube group beaming and starry-eyed.
Appearing only months before the state assembly elections, the video is making quite splash.

The 14-odd minutes of banter, cooking, and eating, posted on the video-sharing site on Friday, comes across as a friendly session with a group of individuals in disbelief on one side and a relaxed Mr Gandhi on the opposite . Amidst his tour of the state, the Congress leader, during a blue T-shirt and sporting a thick stubble, even partakes within the cooking process, naming, almost accurately, a number of the ingredients in Tamil.

“Vengayam” he says, as he drops onion into vessel, following it up with “thayir” (curds) and “kalluppu” (rock salt).

When, after tasting it, he says “very good” appreciating his own preparation, a young man pulls his leg in Tamil: “You prepared it. So, it tastes good to you.” Easy laughter follows.

While the most group of men prepares a luxurious cauldron of mushroom biriyani, Mr Gandhi says: “It is smelling very nice. it’s looking very nice also.” He then enquires after a number of his aides not present at the immediate scene, to form sure they, too, get to partake of the meal being prepared.

Settling down cross-legged on a dry-grass mattress, the Congress leader asks the Village Cooking Channel group about its plans and its success till now. After all, the increasingly popular group, based out of Tamil Nadu’s Pudukottai district, has gathered over seven million subscribers by simply cooking some lip-smacking dishes for his or her YouTube viewers. one among its perennially popular preparations involves roasted winged termites.

“We want to cook in various parts of the planet . The US, Thailand, Malaysia,” says one young man, who is a component of the team. “Right now, we cook, we eat, and that we make money. It doesn’t satisfy us. we would like to feed others.”

Mr Gandhi then offers to contact his friend within the US, a long-time associate of the Gandhi family, to ascertain if their dream might be fulfilled. “Shall I ask Sam…Sam Pitroda? and that they can attend Chicago and cook something…”

He also suggested that they take their cooking to other parts of India, too.

The villagers graciously accept the offer.

Mr Gandhi repeats the offer towards the top as a departs, but not before extracting a promise from the eldest member of the team. The moustachioed man turns emotional as he says, “Indira Gandhi’s grandson to me is…” before trailing off. To which, Mr Gandhi replies: “Nandri (Thank you) from my side…Next time I come, make me try the (winged) termite dish…”


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