Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again attacked the Modi government over the issue of jobs and privatization. Rahul Gandhi is constantly trying to surround the government on other issues including Coronavirus, Economy and Employment. Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday that the Modi government’s thinking is ‘minimum government maximum privatization’. He said that covid is just an excuse.

Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet- “Modi government’s thinking – ‘Minimum Govt Maximum Privatisation’. Covid is just an excuse, make government offices permanent ‘staff-free’, steal youth’s future, ‘Friends’ forward” To increase. ”

Earlier, on Friday, Rahul Gandhi had targeted the government saying that “120 million jobs disappear. $ 5 trillion economy missing. Income of common citizens missing. Country’s prosperity and security missing. Ask questions and answers are missing”.

Recently, the former Congress president attacked the results of the examinations. That the government should solve the problems related to employment of youth. He tweeted, “Modi government, give employment, reinstatement, test results, solve the problem of youth of the country.”


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