Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has lodged a strong objection to the amendment in the labor laws of several state governments, including Uttar Pradesh. Rahul has raised the question whether we want to take away all the rights of workers by talking about corona and economy. Rahul Gandhi further said that the whole country is fighting solidarity against Corona but fundamental principles will not be compromised.

Raising the issue of laborers in his tweet on Monday afternoon, Rahul has said – Labor laws are being amended by many states. We are fighting together against Corona, but this cannot be an excuse to attack on human rights, allow unsafe workplaces, exploit workers and suppress their voices. There can be no agreement on these basic principles.

six states including Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have so far changed the labor laws. In this, scissors have been put on the rights given to the workers. During the work, many kinds of security which they had got as a law have come to an end. The Leader of the Opposition and many organizations are calling it a law that binds the laborers, and the governments argue that this has been done to bring back the stalled industries due to the lockdown.

Not only Rahul Gandhi but many leaders have also raised questions about amendment in labor laws. Uttar Pradesh, former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh BJP government has postponed for 3 years, most provisions of saving ‘labor law’ exploitation of workers by an ordinance. This is highly objectionable and inhuman. Poor anti-BJP government workers failed to give protection should resign immediately.


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