As we know Scindia joined the BJP camp and before leaving Congress he blame Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi that he tried to reach out to sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi but wasn’t given time even the cousin of scindia and former Congress leader Pradyot also repeat the same but now Rahul Gandhi speak out on this matter

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on reports that Jyotiraditya Scindia tried to reach out to Sonia Gandhi & him before leaving the party but wasn’t given time  “He is the only chap in Congress who could walk into my house anytime”

On this issue Journalist Rohini Singh said “This whole ‘Rahul didn’t talk to me so I am quitting’ story is now getting very old and boring. People who jump parties need to be honest enough to just admit why they did. Scindia was no Sachin Pilot who went back to his state early on and worked hard to revive his party”


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