In a video widely shared on social media, Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was seen doing push-ups with a student during his visit to St. Joseph matriculation school in Mulagumooda, Tamil Nadu. Nearly 1-minute-long clip shows the Kerala MP from Wayanad taking up the ‘push-up challenge’ while talking to the student.

Can you do push-ups. Let’s try 15?” he is asked by Merolin Shenigha, a class 10 student, in the video shared by news agency ANI.

Rahul Gandhi obliged, handed over the mic & got down to the task. Merolin & Rahul Gandhi were then seen doing one push-up after the other.  Congress leader paused as he completed 14 push-ups in 10 seconds, after which Rahul Gandhi said, “Now, we will make it difficult, let’s try with one hand”. After this Rahul Gandhi was seen doing a push-up with one hand as the crowd applauded.

Rahul Gandhi also shared the clip on his Instagram account, & wrote: “Push up challenge by Merolin Shenigha, a 10th standard Judo enthusiast.”

Earlier, a photo of Mr Rahul Gandhi, which was taken shortly after he jumped into the ocean for a swim with the fishermen in Kerala had gone viral on social media (SM). In the photo, the faint outline of Rahul Gandhi’s abs could be seen through his shirt which prompted several personalities including boxer Vijender Singh to praise Mr Rahul Gandhi on Twitter & ask him for fitness advice. Vijender Singh, who won bronze & silver medals for boxing at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, shared the image on the social media platform, tweeting, “Abs of a boxer… Most daring young fit & people’s leader Way to go…

Rahul Gandhi is on a 3-day tour to the state of Tamil Nadu to campaign for the assembly elections that are scheduled to be held in the state on April 6. Polls will be held in a single phase for 234 seats in Tamil Nadu with the Congress-DMK and BJP-AIADMK alliance being the major groups contesting against each other. Counting of votes will be done on May 2.


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