Rahul Gandhi is devised a new technique of gunning down the Modi government and canopied as the leader of the opposition rather than sticking within the contours of an party lines .

Rahul : The sustained torch bearer of the Congress

Whether the matter is about the allowance of central government employees, or the question of bank thieves on the issue of finance minister or Rahul Gandhi raising questions about the economy during the Corona period, is becoming a problem for the Modi government. However, the Congress is not in a very strong position at the moment. The Congress is sitting in power in eight states across the country, in which the Congress has its own government in three states – Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Punjab, while in five states it is part of the alliance. The Congress has recently lost power in Madhya Pradesh. Many believe that Rahul Gandhi’s defeat in Amethi Lok Sabha elections will have an impact on his political situation. But in the Corona era, Rahul Gandhi re-established his relevance. Rahul Gandhi became the first leader in India to start warning about Corona. That too at a time when the Modi government was preparing to welcome the US President Trump. On the call of Corona crisis, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted for the first time on 12 February 2020 that the government was not understanding the seriousness of Corona. And after about a month, the Modi government started working on it quickly.It is also an allegation on the Modi government that they delayed the lockdown due to the work of toppling the government of Madhya Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi spoke about the interest of the people and the economy in the Corona crisis. At the same time, it accused the Central Government that it is engaged in saving those who have taken loans from the bank. Recently, Rahul once again posted a tweet sharing an old video of himself on 28 April in which he had asked the government in Parliament to list the country’s top 50 bank loan defaulters and the finance minister refused to reply.

Emergency. Empathy. Envision

In view of the Covid 19 pandemic, recently decided to stop the dearness allowance of central government employees and pensioners. Rahul Gandhi described this decision as ‘insensitive and inhuman’. He suggested by tweeting and also made allegations. He wrote, “Government’s insensitive and inhumane decision to cut dearness allowance (DA) of central employees, pensioners and jawans serving the public by battling Corona instead of postponing the multi-million crore bullet train project and the Central Vista beautification project.” The Congress also gave the remaining figures on this issue, according to which the reduction in dearness allowance will save 37,530 crore while the government Ona Central Vista at a cost of Rs 20,000 crore despite virus epidemic project cost of Rs 110,000 crore bullet train has not stopped the project. Also, did not announce a cut in Fizool’s government spending, which could save Rs 2,50,000 crore annually.However, the government has kept silence on both Rahul Gandhi’s allegations and suggestions.

Coming in terms with an indifferent media :

Rahul Gandhi’s love lust relationship with the media is known to the masses. In fact his relation with the media today is comparable to what it was Mr Modi’s before 2014. Rahul used to question the media for a long time that the media does not ask the right questions. Troubled by the media’s indifference to the serious crisis on the Indian economy, Rahul Gandhi spoke to former Governor of Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan via video and asked for his suggestions.The biggest feature of this conversation was that Rahul Gandhi did not accuse the government but discussed the interests of the common people. Since he discussed this with the well-known Indian economist Raghuram Rajan, his talk also showed weight.
In clear terms, he asked how much money would it take to help the poor? Rajan said, it will cost 65,000 crores and it can happen.The special thing is that if Rahul Gandhi demanded such a huge amount from the Central Government on his behalf, then perhaps his words would not have been taken care of, but if he spoke about the figures of internationally recognized Raghuram Rajan, then his talk would have gained weight. is.

Renewed efforts with new strategic communication brief :

Team Rahul Gandhi is also learning from the Modi brand. Both technology and style are changing how to convey your message to the people. In the Corona era, Rahul Gandhi is presenting himself as a person raising the voice of the people, who is talking about the interests of the country and the people.Rahul Gandhi’s questions on the question related to the heart and pocket of the people, what will be the benefit politically, this time will tell, but Rahul Gandhi is definitely looking for another attempt to prove his importance.


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