The Bharatiya Janata Party, which attacked Congress governments in  different defense deals, is now under the question of itself. BJP is in now power and has been accused of making mistakes in defense deals. And that too on the CAG report. The same CAG, whose 2-G report, while in opposition, created a ruckus in the entire country by the BJP.

The Controller and Auditor General said in a report tabled in Parliament on Wednesday that the unmanned aero vehicle Yanu UAV was paid three times the price for an engine purchased from Israel Aerospace Industries. Unmanned air vehicle is called drone in current language.

What is the matter?

The report stated that in March 2010 an agreement was reached with the Israeli company, under which 5 Rotomax engines were purchased and a price of Rs 87.45 lakh was fixed for each engine.

Defense Research and Development Organization’s Laboratory Aeronautical Development Establishment purchased the exact same engine for 24.30 lakhs. That is, the price of the engine purchased for the Indian Air Force was three times more.

Government deficit

This led to an additional payment of Rs 3.16 crore to the Israeli company. The price of this engine is 21-25 lakhs in the international market. The CAG has also said in its report that the Israeli company gave the non-certificate-bound engine to the Indian Air Force, despite charging three times the price.

The quality of this engine has been questioned. Drones equipped with this engine were accident victims many times and one drone was completely destroyed. ‘The Print’ has said in a news report that the Air Force has not denied the CAG report, but one of its top officials said that ‘the Air Force’s job is not to fix the price’.

Delay in Upgradation

The CAG has also expressed concern over the upgrading of the medium lift Mi-17 chopper in 2002, but even after 18 years the work has not been done yet. The CAG has said, “This allows the helicopters to operate with limited capacity and this has adversely affected their preparedness.”

The CAG tightened its stance by stating that “similarly it took 15 years to upgrade the 90 Mi17 helicopter, which was completed in 2017 with the help of the Israeli company.”

The CAG expressed concern over the late Latifi in upgrading work, saying that even if the work started in 2018 will be completed in 2024, at least 56 helicopters will be removed by that time after two years.


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