Sant Ravidas taught people a true religion which is easy & has no politics or discrimination, said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday after offering prayers at a temple dedicated to the seer in Varanasi.

Congress General secretary arrived at the Varanasi airport in the morning & was extended a warm welcome by party workers before she went to Seer Govardhan, the birth place of the seer, to offer prayers on his birth anniversary. She also took part in a “satsang”.

This is the second time in the past 2 years when the Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has visited the birth place of Sant Shiromani Guru Ravidasji, a Congress release issued in Lucknow said.

The Congress leader also took blessings of Sant Niranjan Das, the “mahant” of the temple.

Speaking on the occasion, the Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said Ravidas taught people a true religion.

“It is an easy religion as the true religion is always easy which has no politics or discrimination. The sect or caste of a person is not seen, it is only humanity that is seen. When you imbibe such a religion, it brings compassion and truth to the heart.”

Priyanka Gandhi said a true religion never divides people.

“The nature of such a religion is that it soothes the heart & brings compassion and people together as brothers and sisters,” she said.

Thanking all those present on the occasion, she said they all have kept the true religion alive & there is no politics behind it.

Sant Ravidasji Maharaj has taught that all should be served, get food and lodging and you all are doing that, serving those who have nothing, Priyanka said.

Referring to the coronavirus crisis, Priyanka Gandhi said it was her wish that Congress workers in the state should also serve people, especially when the lockdown started and people started moving out, walking towards their homes.

When our people started community kitchens to serve such people, your people helped and I want to thank you all for it, the Congress release quoting Priyanka gandhi said.

Priyanka Gandhi said she hoped that the aspiration of Sant Ravidasji that people should be served and there should be harmony is maintained in politics.

Congress workers in large numbers, including senior state party leaders, were present on the occasion.


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