Today the country’s youth is being crushed between unemployment and inflation. The scilence on these issues appear to be the” lull before the storm” for the days ahead. The main thing to watch out for is that till how long will the BJP keep the citizens’ concern diverted on issues of caste and religion from the real issues. All the major Public Sector units are gradually being sold yielding bulk unemployment and promoting privatization which in turn is encouraging inflation in an uncontrolled manner. The government continues to churn high revenues from hikes in petrol and diesel prices simultaneously narrating the common people that the prices are beyond the government’s control as it is privatised. In spite of fall in fuel prices in the international market the price hike of fuel prices in India has lead to increase in transportation cost of goods across country which in turn is leading to inflation in general.

The privatization of railways has made the journey by rails a costly affair for middle class in india . Now with privatization of agricultural sector the government is all set to encourage illegal practices by private players in the same. Farmers will have to sell their produce on any rates which is convenient to the private players also encouraging black marketing of agricultural produce through creation of unaudited stocks.

Hence, the government will have to think that employment, petrol, diesel, gas ,railways and food crops are vital for the survival of a common man and in absence of these things today that common man is struggling for its existence.

While the BJP govt appears to be busy in self praise as the Roman Emperor Niro the situation keeps on worsening for a doomed tomorrow.

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