In the matter of privatisation after railways, the government is eyeing on the electric sector. The government wants the power sector to go completely into private hands, and private power companies get an open license to rob you. Now maybe you understand why prepaid smart meters are being installed in your homes?

People always been saying that this is the government of Adani Ambani, it does all the work for the interests of the private sector and the interest of the public should go to hell. The Modi government has drafted the Electricity Act Amendment Bill 2020, the Center has sent this draft to the government of various states of the country and has asked for suggestions on this draft by June 5.

It will be made law in the next session.According to the amendment, every consumer will have to pay the full cost of electricity, now understand properly what is going to happen , those electricity workers across the country are saying Those who are going on strike in protest against this bill say that.

With the enactment of this law, subsidy and cross subsidy will expire in the coming three years. Now, farmers, below poverty line and consumers who spend 500 units of electricity per month get subsidy, due to which these consumers get electricity at a price below cost. are getting. Now, with the new policy and privatization, the subsidy will cease to be naturally costlier for these consumers.

Electricity workers are explaining the math that the national average of electricity costs is Rs 06.78 per unit and after taking a minimum of 16 per cent profit by the private company as per the Act, no one will get electricity below Rs 08 per unit. In this way, a farmer will have to pay electricity bill of about 6000 rupees per month and domestic consumers between 6000 to 8000 rupees per month.

It is clear that after the passing of the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020, there will be a huge increase in the electricity rates for the common consumer farmers. While electricity rates of industries and business institutions will come down.

Apart from this, there is a provision in the amendment bill to separate the license of the power supply and to make many power supply companies in the same area. That is, as you get the choice whether you have to take domestic gas cylinders of Indane or HP, in the same way, you will get the choice whether you have to take the meter of Reliance, that of Adani power, or of any government company, but the difference is That in the power sector, the government company will have the mandate to provide electricity to all (Universal Power Supply Obligation) whereas there will be no such restriction on private companies.

Naturally, private supply companies will supply power to profitable large commercial and industrial houses, while the public sector power supply companies are forced to supply power to private tube wells, consumers below poverty line and domestic consumers with electricity tariff at a cost below cost. Will and will incur losses.

Two and a half lakh crores of banks have already been trapped due to the scam of private houses in the field of electricity generation, in the relief package of 20 lakhs for Corona, 90 thousand crores have been provided for the rescue of these private power companies, but now the Center The Modi government sitting in India is preparing for a big scam by handing power supply to private houses through the new bill.

Shortly after passing this law, the government companies will be out and private companies will take over the power sector. There is no loss to private companies, so by eliminating subsidies, smart prepaid meters are being installed in your homes. There is a lot of anger among the power employees about this amendment bill. About 15 lakh electricity workers are going on strike in protest against this, but the anchors of your news channels will not tell all these things. They have been given the contract to keep you entangled in Hindu Muslims only.


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