Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s been assured that COVID-19 vaccination deliveries will accelerate in coming weeks, and that includes four million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the end of March.

He says the pharmaceutical giant has confirmed it will deliver the doses they promised last November, and that Canada has also ordered four million additional doses of the Moderna vaccine, which will arrive over the summer.

Trudeau outlined several measures to rein in the pandemic, including the start of strict travel requirements Feb. 22 and a $53-million investment on a strategy to monitor more infectious variants like the ones first detected in the U.K. and South Africa.

“Nobody wants a third wave to start, particularly not one comprised of new, more communicable variants that can cause real challenges,” Trudeau said Friday from Rideau Cottage.

“You might be worried about these new strains. Well, we’re putting our best experts on it.”

Trudeau’s updated delivery schedule from Pfizer also includes 10.8 million doses to be delivered between April and June, and all remaining doses — 40 million in total — arriving by the end of September.

announcing the new rules Friday, Trudeau reiterated pleas that non-essential travel stop due to the threat of a possible third wave in infections.

Trudeau says new requirements that demand a COVID-19 test for new arrivals and a three-day quarantine while awaiting results are not meant to be punitive but to help stop the spread of COVID19.


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