Political guru prashant kishor is moving to bihar to change the political equation of the state, Prashant Kishore is famous as a PK in a political streets, He managed the election of most of the Political Giants.

To change the political Game of Bihar PK met all the opposition parties except RJD, why he did that while RJD is the biggest opposition in Bihar,  is PK planning something big or it is just a speculation, future will answer this question but Bihar is open now for all the Political parties, we can’t forget that PK was a member of JDU which is in alliance with BJP and Nitish Kumar expelled him (Bade Be aabru hoke nikle tere kuche se) so may be PK is trying to take a revenge with his old friend and new enemy Mr Nitish Kumar.

On Thursday PK met the leader of RLSP Upendra Kushwaha, Leader of HUM Jitanram Manjhi, Leader of VIP party Mukesh saini and Bihar Congress president Madan Mohan Jha but any RJD leaders were not part of this political meeting, That is why Political analyst are seeing this as a pressure politics on RJD or Alliance minus RJD.

May be This development will put Nitish in a unusual situation because PK knows all the tactics of Political gladiator Mr Nitish Kumar so we can say Bihar is not Easy for Man of Development Mr Nitish Kumar, if we analyze the situation of ground than we could find out that People are bored with Nitish Kumar they want new face so Opposition will be able to give a New face ,in this Row may be Upendra Kushwaha will merge his Party into Congress, you never know !!

So we can say Game is On


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